How do I know how many tables I can fit in my space?
The beautiful part about working with a local company is that we come out to every venue and measure out the space you need for your event! We also custom design a casino floor plan for you if you are using three or more of our tables.  If the amount of tables you would like to have doesn’t fit in your space, we can make space saving suggestions. We can also find a more spacious venue in your area!

How do I know how many tables I need for my party?
Each table comfortably seats up to seven players, with the exception of Texas Hold Em, which seats nine players.  For smaller events, one to four tables, it is nice to have a seat for every guest if budget permits. If you’re planning a multiple table event, five or more tables, you don’t need a seat for every guest. Your guests will cycle through the variety of games and will rarely all be playing at the same time. Its a general rule that 30% of your guests will not be playing at any given moment. This means for every ten guests, you should book one table with The Lucky Ladies.  If you’re throwing a Poker Only Party, you should attempt to have a seat for each guest.

What if I have to cancel at the last minute?
The Lucky Ladies will accept cancellations. We understand things happen in life, and we sympathize with you having to cancel your event with us. We hope that you will consider rescheduling the event for another day! We reserve the right to keep part or all of your deposit according to our cancellation policy.

Will I have to be home all day on the day of my event to accept delivery of the tables?
Absolutely not! We know party days are busy days! The Lucky Ladies will schedule a one hour window in the course of your day to deliver and set up your tables and chairs. A one hour window will also be given for removal at the end of your event. Our agent will arrive and carefully remove the tables from your home or venue.

How can I pay for my rental?
The Lucky Ladies accepts cash or money orders for the services provided. A 60% deposit is required at time of booking. The final 40% must be paid at the time of delivery.

Can my friends and I play for real money?
No you can’t. The Lucky Ladies is a registered and licensed company specializing in gaming entertainment and casino equipment rental. All games provided by The Lucky Ladies are for entertainment purposes only and have no monetary values to the participants.

What does my rental include?
Your rental includes custom made solid wood tables, all necessary seating, and superior casino grade gaming equipment delivered right to your home or venue on the day of your event.
Every table always includes one of The Lucky Ladies to maintain your game for four hours, providing an exciting, enjoyable and memorable experience for your guests.

What happens on the day of my party?
A professional and friendly agent will deliver the rented equipment to your home or venue as scheduled for your convenience and safely set up and prepare each game. We will leave “The Lucky Ladies Checks” with you. These can be cashed at any table by your guests during your casino event. We will also leave with you a Delivery Service survey, which you can fill out at your leisure to ensure any service you receive exceeds expectations!

Before your event or party is scheduled to begin The Lucky Ladies will arrive and spread the cards for your guests. Once The Lucky Ladies are set, your party is ready to go. You give out “checks” to your guests as they arrive and they can immediately begin gaming and enjoying their time with The Lucky Ladies. Players can move between any game at their leisure for the duration of the night. The Lucky Ladies will maintain and run your casino night for four hours, no breaks necessary! The Lucky Ladies hand selected dealers are professionally trained, friendly, upbeat, outgoing, and want to promote the enjoyment and involvement of your guests; and best of all, they are gorgeous! At the end of the night, The Lucky Ladies will announce “Final Chip Count” and “cash-in” all of your guests. Each guest will be given a “check” in return for their winnings, and you can award prizes to your guests for their gaming feats over the course of the night. At the end of the evening, The Lucky Ladies leave you with a Dealer Service Survey, which you can fill out at your leisure. We always ensure all service you receive exceeds your expectations!

Don’t forget, if you’re a Poker Player, check out what The Lucky Ladies can do for your event.


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